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"Exercise is as important as sleep"

Kjekt å vite

We have spoken with Health and Fitness Therapist, Hilde Kyllo, about workout motivation.

How do you keep your newly found workout motivation, and how could training become a natural part of your everyday life?What kind of advice you receive depends on whom you ask. The reason? We are all motivated by different things. However, there are some general advices we all could find useful.“At first, sit down and determine why you want to make a lifestyle change, and write it down. This way you can read it if your motivation drops. Then you are reminded why you started, and you hopefully continue the good habits that you started in January,” Health and Fitness Therapist, Hilde Kyllo, says.She runs a fitness centre in the attic of the barn on her farm, and is a self-proclaimed “fitness farmer”. Every day she motivates people to live a healthier and more vigorous life, and one of her tips for success is to write down your goals for your new training regime:“But don’t make them too extensive. Focus on simple and achievable goals, and feel free to set a new goal for each month.”“For example, set a goal to train twice a week in February, while in March you will carry out 6 interval sessions. There you have some concrete and achievable ambitions,” she continues.[caption id="attachment_5293" align="alignnone" width="1168"]

Photo: "Fitness farmer" Hilde Kyllo.

"Fitness farmer" Hilde Kyllo.[/caption]

As important as sleep

Kyllo says connecting training to something else important in life also could be motivating for some.“Consider that exercising is as important as, for example, sleep. Exercise protects our health, and if we have a sedentary job it is something we must do to keep us healthy. And remember that exercise is good for both body and head, she motivates.”According to the fitness farmer you should also find a type of exercise that makes your body happy, and conduct the training in a way that lives you with a smile.“You can train with someone, listen to music that makes you smile, and you can dance, jump and bounce instead of running. It may also be wise to make training appointments with a friend. Then you've committed yourself to more than a monthly fee at a gym, which makes it harder to skip the planned workouts.”[caption id="attachment_5272" align="alignnone" width="3500"]

Illustration photo: Find someone to train with.

Find someone to exercise with.[/caption]

Exercise tips

Finally, Kyllo have some exercise tips that can be both motivational and healthy:"If you really want to get in good shape, and not just getting started with exercise, I would probably recommend interval training and strength training for larger muscle groups: deadlift, military press, pull downs and squats are some examples. Personally, I am currently motivated by exercises where I can implement jumps. Bulgarian squats with jumps, jump lunge, skate jumps and squats with jumps are some examples.""And I cannot exclude the exercise that really gets your heart rate going: burpees," she concludes.