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Finally, Apple Watch + 4x4 with Myworkout GO = True 💛

About the app
Kjekt å vite

If you have a Apple Watch you can tie your shoes, close the door and get out to catch your breath doing a 4x4. The phone? Leave it at home!

  • If you do not have Myworkout GO installed on your iPhone, then you need to do so and create a user 🤗 
  • The app will appear in your Apple Watch ⌚️ 
  • At the first training, you may be asked to log in to your iPhone before starting 📲 
  • Press start, and of you go 🏃 
  • When you get home, you will find the session on your iPhone 🏠

It is important to us that you get as much information about your health as possible with an app's help.Therefore, you will be asked some questions about these topics👇. Of course, you choose whether you want to accept all of these. But we depend on having your location to be able to measure your training. For your own experience, we would recommend that you accept all of them.  🤗

                        🏩  Health             ❤️  Heart rate                🙋  Location

But what if things do not go as straight forward as this? We have gathered some smart tips for you right here:

1. The app does not appear on my watch 🤯

Check if your phone is updated to the latest version of iOS. This should do the trick! If not, you can check the watch's own AppStore and find the app there.

2. Six minutes warm-up? But I have already warmed up🥵  

Don't you worry! We will not spend more of your time than necessary. Therefore, swipe to the right. Here you can choose to skip (Skip) the warm-up.

3. What!! Mother-in-law arrives in 3 minutes, and no one is home 😳

Sometimes life happens, and we do not always get to finish what we have started. No worries. You just swipe right and end (STOP) your workout. Note, you will not be able to evaluate a session when it is not completed.

4. I do not want to hear anything but my own footsteps and birdsong 🌲🦉

Totally understandable! Swipe right and turn off the guiding voice (Mute). Note, the clock will vibrate when it is time for a new interval and a new active pause. We would recommend that you go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Select "Sounds and tactile response" and set these alerts to the highest level, to not miss your guidance.

5. I prefer to do my intervals on the treadmill 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

So far, the app for Apple Watch is designed for outdoor use. But feel free to take it with you on the mill. Just remember to edit the workout on your phone afterward. Change from Outdoor to Treadmill, enter speed and incline in the same way as you are used to 🤗