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Heart rate monitor + Myworkout Go

About the app
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By connecting a heart rate monitor to Myworkout Go you can achieve this 👇

✅Test you maximal heart rate by doing 4x4

✅ Get guidance while exercising. The app will tell you when you need to speed up og slow down.

✅ Get even more motivated to stay active when you see how you are able to do more work on a lower heart rate.

✅Tracking of the time spent in the HIT-zone getting HIT-minutes ❤️

These heart rate monitors work with the app

All heart rate monitors which are placed around your chest (a belt) or overarm, sending their data via Bluetooth work with the app. Some of them are only open for sending to one device at the time, so you might have to remove the connection from one of your other devices to connect to Myworkout Go.

Exercise watches with optical monitors on the wrist, rarely send send pulse data and will not work.

Connect your monitor

  1. Put on your monitor
  2. Click the profile in your app (top left corner of the app)
  3. Chose "Heart rate monitor"
  4. When the app is connected you will see a pulsing animation and "X beat pr/min" or "X % of max"
  5. Return to the start screen and begin you exercise.

This is how your get guidance

Start a 4x4 exercise in the app with your heart rate monitor connected. The first exercise with your monitor will be without guidance. The app uses this session to analyse your pulse and estimate your maximal heart rate. For you to get the most correct evaluation as possible it is important you read the information provided to you in the app before you start the workout.

Perform the workout breathing heavily but with no other discomfort. The app assumes you exercise with the intensity where you feel short of breath, but not as hard as makes you feel sick. When one interval is done, you should feel able to continue in the same intensity for one more minute. Read more on how a 4x4 should feel like 👈

When you are done you will get a notification from the app (top right corner of the app). Accept this to use your first heart rate monitor exercise count as your maximal heart rate for your following workouts.

FYI: If you already know your maximal heart rate you can manually insert it to your profile in the app. If you do this, you will not get any notifications on new estimates of your heart rate.

This is how the guidance works

When you are ready to exercise again, the app is now able to guide you towards the right intensity. The app will tell you if your pulse is OK, too high or too low whilst working out. This will also appear on the app screen.

The app will keep adjusting your maximal heart rate until it finally stabilises. Make sure you keep accepting the new notifications given to you by the app after your 4x4 workouts.

Test your maximal heart rate with the app