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How to start exercising

About the app
Kjekt å vite

Do you want to start exercising after a period of little or no activity? The Myworkout GO app gives you both follow-up and measurement of progress, on your terms 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Get started

To start a life with exercise, you do not need to go to the gym or buy expensive exercise equipment. As long as you have good shoes, the next step is to find a gentle downhill to walk or run in.

The Myworkout GO app provides you with the practical information you need to work out.

A standard workout with Myworkout consists of 4x4 intervals alternating between relatively fast walking/running and slower walking/running. An in-app voice tells you when to start intervals and when to slow down and take an active break.

The first time you walk/run intervals, it is crucial that you do not start too hard. When you feel ready to exercise at a higher intensity, it is essential to remember that you will manage all four intervals at approximately the same speed. If you have to slow down on the last interval, you have been training too hard. Eventually, you become better acquainted with your body and better at adjusting the intensity during exercise.

Short and effective training

A workout based on Myworkout GO will take you exactly 37 minutes, including both warm-up and cool-down afterward. Much more efficiently, it is not possible to conduct a training session with a proven effect.