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Motivating intervals

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"I guarantee you’re running skills will improve."

Health and Exercise Therapist Hilde Kyllo wrote this article.I like to share training tips, and best of all I like to share specific exercises I know others will benefit from. Therefore, I will share an effective, short and motivating interval session with you.Nothing compares to a run outside in nice weather. And I'm guessing many will agree with me on this. However, you often end up running the same rout each time, which can quickly become both boring and ineffective. This interval session, on the other hand, is far from boring. It only takes twenty-five minutes and the speed increases 0.2 km/h each interval. As you probably have understood, these intervals must by carried out on a treadmill.[caption id="attachment_5277" align="alignnone" width="825"]

Hilde after a motivating intervall workout.

Hilde after a motivating intervall workout.[/caption]How to (example):- Run at 10km/h for 45 seconds- Jump off the mill for 15 seconds. While you have your pause, increase the speed to 10.2 km/h.- After 15 seconds, jump on again and run at 10.2 km/h for 45 seconds.- Jump off again and increase the speed to 10.4 km/h.- Repeat this until you have reached 15 km/h.This is just an example. Set the speed corresponding to your physical fitness and running skills. If you’re a good runner, you can start at 12 km/h and finish at 17 km/h. However, you can also start at, for example, 8 km/h and finish at 13km/h.There’s no need for a warm-up, because the first ten minutes should be relatively slow.Try to carry out these intervals 2-4 times a month, in addition to other training, and I guarantee you’re running skills will improve. Even though it’s dark and cold outside.