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New update for Myworkout GO

About the app
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Use Myworkout GO every time you exercise to maximize your workout results. The new version is already available for you.

This is what's new:

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  • We came to realize that people makes mistakes and we live in a world where people actually like to fix their mistakes without having to spend time sending e-mails. Editing of treadmill and machine workouts are now available.
  • Deleting workouts is actually a thing, we guess that some of you want to see how the app works without actually sweating through a real 4x4 workout.
  • Turns out not everyone is so sure about their gender, you can now change it from the all new profile settings screen.

This is what's improved:

  • We have made some adjustments to how we calculate distance/speed on outdoor workouts to make it as accurate as your GPS gets.
  • World wide coverage for precision elevation map.
  • We have added information about the auto-renewing nature of in-app subscriptions on the purchase screen.

This is what's fixed:

  • Workouts would suddenly disappear from the workout history, which required a restart of the app to show up again. We understand that there's nothing more important to you than having proof of all your sweat and tears and we will always keep your workouts safely stored on our servers. Now we have taken action to not unintentionally scare you and you should no longer lose workout out of your sight.
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This is what's next:

  • Myworkout heart rate monitoring starts with calculating your max heart rate. The second time you use it the app will give you intelligent live instructions to help you exercise in the correct heart rate zone.
  • Companies can get their own branding inside the app, compete for progress between groups as well as custom notifications to employees.

Bonus for every Myworkout GO user: Myworkout Videos is included in the premium subscription!

We have included Myworkout's full video archive for premium users. This means that you can exercise anywhere at any time. Go to and log in with your username and password from Myworkout GO.

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