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Postcard from Los Angeles

Good to know
Kjekt å vite

Greetings from the City of Angels.

App testing, sun, beach, Silicon Valley, workouts and eccentric people; Five exiting days are soon coming to an end.Myworkout have been through a lot of big changes the last year, and it turns out big changes lead to big opportunities. And one of these opportunities is in America. So we hopped on a plane to sunny California.We are now back in Norway, and we look back on all we have experienced during our short trip, and wanted to share it with you.


The eccentric city

We live nearby Venice Beach, a state that is known for their eccentric people, the beach, art and surfing. And is just like it´s described.While here, we have worked out at the famous Gold´s Gym and talked to a gym owner about health and fitness. What we have learned is that a lot of people in Los Angeles train because they want to look good, and the health benefits are a positive side effect. Maybe not surprising in this city filled with models and actresses, but it´s something special about experiencing it first hand.


Why Los Angeles?

However, our trip was not mainly to get to know the workout trends in America. We had an exiting meeting, with an exiting person, on our agenda.At the beginning of our trip, we could not revile why we were leaving for Los Angeles, and this is why our postcard is arriving late. However, finally we can tell you why we have been so incredibly excited about this trip. Finally we can tell you whom we had the honour of meeting.The person we met is a well-known entrepreneur, has been Steve Jobs boss, has started large successful companies such as Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, and is on Newsweek's list of "50 people who have changed America". He has an innate desire to make the world a better place to live. His name is Nolan Bushnell.


Young success

Nolan began his entrepreneurial career at the age of eight, when he found that he could make a lot of money selling strawberries to his neighbours.His childhood success followed him into his teens, when he signed a deal with the local television repairman. He repaired Tv´s and split the profits with them. This was, however, nothing compared to his really big success in the early 70s, when he started the gaming company Atari. He is now known as "One of the founding fathers of the video game industry".


It's never too late to start

"Even a small increase in physiological functions can be transferred to functional improvements and a greater independence for older people".(Source: Effects of High-Intensity Endurance Training on Maximal Oxygen Consumption in Healthy Elderly People)Nolan just turned 73 and considers himself as an active person. However, he is also a busy 73-year-old and wants to spend as little time as possible on training, but still maintain a good health. In other words, he needs time efficient workouts and he needs exercises that give him the best effect on his health. This is where we come in.We have spent a couple of days with Nolan now; talked to him, interviewed him and got to know him a little better. However, the real project was to give him a workout program to help him get in shape.Yesterday he took a health test together with medicine Professor Jan Hoff. He got to know his biological age and his oxygen uptake, but the results are secret for now.


Even though Nolan is 73 years old, he will experience a good effect of his training. Research reports show that elderly people could have the same effect of training as anyone else, and we hope to show this when he finish his 10 week training program.The entire interview with Nolan comes out later, but here's a taster from when he talks about Myworkout and Norwegians:[vimeo code = "154819984"]