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The best follow their advice

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Earlier in March one of our associates traveled to a small oasis outside Dubai to advise the best football team in the United Arab Emirates.

The training offered at is based on decades of research from NTNU, and everything from heart patients to athletes follow the same training program as we emphasize in our pages: 4x4 intervals and 4x4 strength training.It is our associates and Professors of Medicine, Jan Hoff and Jan Helgerud, who are the scientists behind the popular and effective form of exercise, and we want to give you a little insight into their everyday work.

Middle East football stars

Earlier in March, Jan Hoff, traveled to a small oasis outside Dubai to advise the best football team in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): Al Ain. This football team is currently 2nd in the series, with only a few games remaining. They also play in the Champions League for the Middle East.One of Hoff’s students, Kenny McMillan, work with the football team in the UAE. He has a PhD from Faculty ofMedicine at NTNU and now has a 3-year contract with the team. His job is to build "Exercise Science" in the team, together with a team that organizes physical training, nutrition and game analysis.

Aiming for the top

Hoff traveled to Al Ain to assist and advise on construction of exercise physiology laboratory and organization of activities that will bring the club and the UAE into the top of international football.Hoff, Helgerud and McMillan have previously worked in the football clubs Celtic, Aston Villa and Newcastle.

Everyday work

Normally Hoff and Helgerud works at the Department of Circulation and Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU in Trondheim, but they have often traveled both domestically and overseas to help athletes and teams, in addition to keep their famous lecture "Exercise for life".