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Third-party apps in Myworkout Go- how to get started!

About the app
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Do you have a Garmin, Fitbit, Polar or Apple Fitness watch? Then you can retrieve your training data from this watch and add it to the Myworkout Go app. Automatic.

Get started with your third-party app 🙌

Get started with your third-party app.

Regardless of whether you have a Fitbit, Garmin, or Polar, Myworkout Go requires you to connect your app to the account that belongs to your watch.

Garmin: Garmin Connect

Polar: Polar Flow

Fitbit: Fitbit app

Apple Watch: Health kit

  1. Go to your profile in Myworkout Go
  2. Select third-party apps
  3. Select the brand of your choice
  4. Tap the arrow ➡️
  5. Connect by adding/logging in to the account of your third-party app.
Select your third party of choice in the apps profile.

Now this will happen 👇

Once the app has been connected to your watch's account, it will retrieve training data that already exists (30 days back in time. Does not apply to Polar) as well as everything you do in the future. If you store heart rate data with your watch, this will also be included in Myworkout Go, and we can give you HIT-minutes as long as the data indicates that you have been in the correct intensity zone.

Get HIT-minutes with your Fitness watch based on heart rate ⌚️

For Myworkout Go to give you HIT-minutes based on your heart rate data from your watch, you must have calibrated the app. Read more about it here 👈

Myworkout Go also needs a maximum heart rate reference to calculate your HIT-minutes. If you know your maximum heart rate, you can manually enter it into the app.

Do this:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Press maximum heart rate
  4. Enter your value
Calculate your maximal heart rate with the app.

If you do not know your maximum heart rate, measure it with Myworkout Go this way 👈

NOTE! You should not rely on the maximum heart rate calculators you find on the internet!

Get HIT minutes with your workout clock without heart rate data ⌚️

If your fitness watch does not have a wrist heart rate monitor or a heart rate belt to use with the watch, you can still get HIT-minutes transferred. The app retrieves GPS data from your watch and associated account and provides you HIT-minutes based on your app calibration outdoors.

For this you will need a heart rate monitor