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You still have a choice!

Good to know
Kjekt å vite

As human beings in the world's richest country, we have the advantage of choosing.

But soon, you lose the opportunity to "choose" whether you will be infected with corona or not. Omikron will most likely infect you and me. You can still be part of choosing how sick and frail you will get from this infection. Use your choice and use simple means to choose more health!

Written by; Marit Sofie Emaus, project manager in Myworkout.

Group in the middle

Our app and its research train top athletes and rehabilitate and treat patients. The theories and exercises work for the whole spectrum of the population.

You who read this most likely have a regular job to go to. Maybe you have a chronic illness or an underlying illness that you have learned to live well with. You are, therefore, in "the group in-between". In other words, you are in the middle of being very sick and sickly fit.

Maximum oxygen uptake as a health parameter

Maximum oxygen uptake (vo2max) is not only important for top athletes in cardio sports. The very few of us in the " group in-between" have a relationship with this number. Several of us can benefit from being aware of it. The number says more about your physical condition than blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI combined! The number also says something about how frail you will be and how long rehabilitation time you will need in the event of an illness, such as corona.

Short cut to more life

You know as well as I do that physical activity is smart. You also understand that exercise can take up some of your time. You may not be aware that if you exercise smart, then the time you invest in physical activity will be repaid WITH INTEREST, like more life! Not only can you live longer, but you can spend much less time being sick or recovering from illness. In addition, you will experience more energy and have a greater capacity to fill your days, yes, your life, with what you want!

Simple means

Let me give you the facts straight up, you strictly do not need to spend more than two half hours a week exercising to stay reasonably healthy. The key is how you spend these two half hours. If you think that a bit of tuck and turn on the living room floor will save you from frailty, I'm afraid this will disappoint you. During these two half hours each week, you MUST be a little short of breath. Put away excuses that you do not like to sweat or breathe too heavily. Stop believing that you do not have the body or the equipment to carry it out. If you have feet to walk on, you have everything you need. Drop the idea of "tomorrow is the day I get motivated to exercise " or "I am not a person who walks fast, runs or jogs". You must do this just as you get up when the alarm clock rings for you to get to school or work in time. You need to do this to be in time to enjoy the rest of your life.

Do this to not become frail of corona