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"A permanent change"

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Throughout her adult life, Kathinka Vatne (40) has avoided exercising. That changed when she read about MyBioAge.

“I have worn out just one pair of sneakers the last 15 years.”Throughout her adult life, Kathinka Vatne (40) has avoided exercising. However, when the news of "MyBioAge" hit the media, she started thinking about her inactive lifestyle and wondered if this app could give her an answer on how healthy her body was.“I have, despite training refusal, been curious about how my physical level is compared with others. I've never had anything to measure it against. One sunny day in April, when few people were out running, I decided to give it a try”, she explains.Download MyBioAge for free from App Store and Google Play.A positive experienceKathinka blame the famous midlife crisis when she explains why she started exercising, but her first workout of many, many years would prove to be a positive experience.“It was motivating to get a result of 35 in biological age, especially since I had just turned 40”, she says.“Everybody around me knows that I really dreaded turning 40. Me beginning to exercise is an appropriate expression of the fear of getting older and the fact that time work against me”, she continues.[caption id="attachment_5548" align="aligncenter" width="1090"]

Kathinka Vatne never exercised, but then she downloaded MyBioAge. Photo: Private

Kathinka Vatne never exercised, but then she downloaded MyBioAge. Photo: Private[/caption]“Thought I was unfaithful”Although the midlife crisis perhaps was a triggering factor for Kathinka´s newly found workout motivation, she found the motivation to continue exercising in MyBioAge.“I have never felt this kind of motivation before”.How did the people around you react when you suddenly started exercising?“After the first interval session I sent a screenshot with the result to my husband. He was at lunch with several colleagues, and they suggested that I was cheating on him because I had started exercising”, Kathinka says and laughs.A permanent change with MyBioAgeKathinka points out that she has only received positive feedback after she started exercising, and she has also begun to challenge her friends to download MyBioAge.“I do not go around telling people I have started to exercise, but I've challenged friends and my sister in law to download the app and try it”, she says.Kathinka downloaded MyBioAge in April this year and since then she has exercised regularly, twice a week.“I have never set foot at a gym, but this feels like something I can continue doing. I've found a rhythm, and it feels like a permanent change”, the 40-year-old explains.- I think that MyBioAge could motivate just about anyone, when it managed to me to exercise, then this app can motivate anyone, she concludes.