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Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal #3 Good Health? 🌱💚

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The vast majority of us feel a responsibility to contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all. But how do you really know if you have reached the goal or are on the right course? By taking a deep dive into sustainable development goal #3 Good health and well-being, we have found a concrete way to realize sustainable development goal #3.4 by 2030. If everyone reduces their biological age by 5 years, we have reached the goal of preventing non-communicable diseases. This also applies to a company if employees reduce their biological age. How? Let us explain 🤓

By Christine Hammeren

How to Realize Sustainable Development Goal # 3.4

UN Sustainable Development Goal #3.4 is about reducing premature death from non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease by a third through prevention and better treatment by 2030. Biological age is an expression of the risk you have to develop conditions like this. Your biological age thus says something about the chance you have for lifestyle diseases based on the average in the Norwegian population. A lower biological age means a lower risk. The most significant thing you can do to reduce your biological age is to exercise.

By using our app Myworkout GO when you train endurance, your app calculates maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) and biological age. In companies where employees train with the app, we can figure out how many biological age years have been reduced in total and link it to sustainable development goal #3.4. Suppose all employees complete ten effective training sessions. In that case, you will get a half per cent improved maximum oxygen uptake for each session, and become five per cent fitter in total. Usually, this means that you will be 5 years younger in biological age.

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References for this article (Harb et al.2019, Helgerud, Hoff et al. 2007).

Why it is essential to reduce biological age

Reducing biological age is one of the most important things we can do! It is crucial for you who want to live a good and healthy life and for your employer who needs you to perform at work. It is vital for the health organizations that want to take care of your health, and for society to be able to tolerate virus transmission better. 9 out of 10 deaths in Norway due to infection with COVID-19 have one or more underlying chronic disorders.

Inactivity is a global megatrend. At the same time, we are getting older. Inactivity, combined with ageing increases the effects of inactivity exponentially. Researchers have made some gloomy predictions about the consequences of ageing and inactivity. These forecasts say; if the cost per health case is to be 1 to 1 equivalent as it is today, the world will run out of money in 2060. We have to work smarter and more sustainably. We have no choice.

How to collaborate on this?

In 2019, Norwegian users of the app Myworkout Go were a total of 18,775 years younger in biological age. This corresponds to NOK 44 million in saved costs for employers and NOK 18 billion saved for society over the next four decades. We have the technology to calculate goal achievement. Still, we must work together with the Norwegian business community to be able to achieve the goal of 100%. Companies can have a great deal of influence and a duty to consider measures to ensure that employees choose to move more in their everyday lives. The health app Myworkout Go motivates because each individual experiences that the training makes progress.

Do you want to focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 in your company? We are ready to help you get started and know from experience what it takes to reach the goal.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And together with partners and customers, we can do a lot for a more sustainable future!

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