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How little can you exercise and still get away with it?

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Kjekt å vite

Life is most of the time hectic and in periods even more so. To make the schedule more straightforward for you to add up, we would like to tell you how little you can exercise in these hectic periods and still "get away with it".

Exercise to maintain your fitness level

It is well-known that you should exercise regularly to stay fit. But, the great news is, it takes much less to maintain a good fitness level than to create it! It depends on your starting point, but most of us manage to keep both strength and fitness levels in a hectic period of two-three weeks, with an interval workout and a strength workout a week - as long as this is done heavily enough.

You should exercise smart and efficiently

Håkon Hov, physiotherapist and exercise physiologist at Myworkout, encourages you to not fall into this trap:


"Do not fall into the trap of training at low intensity because then you can train more frequently - remember that intensity trumps quantity! This is really the whole point of intensive long intervals and heavy strength training; you get a lot more in return for the work you do." 

Starting point and progression

How fast you can improve your fitness level depends on your starting point. The worse shape you are in, the less work it takes for you to breathe heavily, and you will have faster progress. The same principle applies when it comes to strength training. The weaker you are when you get started, the more rapid progress you will have!

Take more control of your time

Fortunately, the whole year is not as hectic, and it is easier to "take control" over your time. Use this time wisely concerning your training. Build yourself up with strength and conditioning training. You will be even more efficient, even during these periods, if you know what you are doing. Here is an effective exercise program you can follow.

"With 2-3 training sessions a week, most people will increase their endurance (vo2max). In fact, most people eventually become "20 years old". The same goes for strength training."

Håkon Hov

The moral is whatever: in the hectic periods of life - do what is most brilliant and most effective. Exercise a little heavier because then you can tolerate exercising a little less and still maintain your fitness level.

Effective training program!