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Motivated by knowledge

Kjekt å vite

- We only live once, and I want my life to be long and healthy.

Katrine Kavli Sivertzen (29) thought the effect she got from exercising was related to the amount of time she spent working out. She was on daily hour-long runs in the pursuit of the effect, but it wasn´t showing. That was before she was introduced to Myworkout, the company that have developed Powel´s new workout site,"I had no progress except that it became a habit for me to run every day, and gradually I began to struggle with inflammation in my calf. It got to the point where I could not stand up and put my socks on", she explains.When Katrine was introduced to powel active approximately one year ago, her inflammation had retreated. And already after ten weeks on our workout program, she experienced great progress."I've always had strong legs, but fallen short of breath. After I started working out with powel active I have experienced a significant improvement in both running technique, pace, strength, and last, but not least, in my endurance", she explains.[caption id="attachment_5471" align="alignnone" width="1090"]


"I've always had strong legs, but fallen short of breath" – Katrine[/caption]

Motivated by knowledge

Myworkout base their training on world-renowned research, offering effective workouts that give you better health and a longer life. This is of course also implemented in The training is quality assured by professors of medicine, Jan Hoff and Jan Helgerud. They are recognized for their research on 4 by 4 workouts, and work with both heart patients and athletes to help them achieve better health and reach their goals.Katrine says she was motivated by the knowledge she acquired from powel active; how effective exercise affect her health, and how easily she can influence her health and future."What made me confident on 4 by 4 workout was that I quickly experienced progress. This form of exercise compared to what I did before gave me better progress, even though I spent less time exercising", Katrine says, and continues:"It's no longer something I once was told was the most effective form of exercise, it is something I believe in and trust."[caption id="attachment_5469" align="alignnone" width="1090"]

Katrine running together with colleague Øystein Sæther in Trondheim.

Katrine running together with colleague Øystein Sæther in Trondheim.[/caption]

Quantify your health

In addition to effective workouts you get access to a biological age test on You conduct the test on a treadmill, and it quantifies your health in a clear and understanding way. The test provides you with your biological age and your oxygen consumption, which are the best measures we have on physical health today. Recently Myworkout also newly launched an app, Mybioage, which gives you the opportunity to conduct the same test outdoor. You can log in to the app using your credentials from has taken the test several times and find motivation in seeing the time she spends exercising gives results."I think it is interesting to test my health occasionally, simply because I'm curious about the progress. Exercising is a bit like in life, when I work extra hard for a period of time I expect to see results. Positive results."

Long and healthy life

Katrine describes herself as a lover of life, and she often spends time outdoors with her fiancée on weekends, in addition to the regular workout sessions during the week. She cares about her health, and not just her own health. With an active lifestyle and the knowledge she has gained through she can achieve her goals and live a long and disease free life."I plan to be a mother one day, and I want for my children what my parents wanted for me, a physically active and healthy childhood. We only live once, and I want my life to be long and healthy", she concludes.