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Powel is the first company in the world

Kjekt å vite

The international technology company Powel offer "more life" to their employees.

"Powel is actually the first company in the world to take part in a scientific based commercial solution that provides employees with longer and healthier lives." – CEO of Myworkout, Knut Løkke, December 2014.In December 2014 Myworkout had just been granted financial support from Innovation Norway to start an IRD project with Powel. The projects goal was to improve the endurance and strength of the company employees.The project is now completed, and last week Powel launched the new workout solution to all their employees in seven different countries.Read more about Myworkout on

Pilot Project

The entire project with Powel started with a pilot group from their Trondheim Office. The participants took a biological age test and were then handed a workout program that ´s based on 25 years of research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).The program lasted for ten weeks, and the participants were told that they could get a reduction of ten years in biological age if they conducted the program. The result was better than promised for some."I've gone from 57 to 23 years in biological age, and I have increased my oxygen consumption from 34.3 to 48.5. It is an amazing improvement. " – Øystein Sæther, CFO of Powel, after ten weeks on Myworkout´s workout program.[caption id="attachment_5478" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Øystein after the first test at Powel´s offices in Trondheim.

Øystein after the first test at Powel´s offices in Trondheim.[/caption]

More life

- Exercise gives “more life”, and it provides a win-win effect. For the employees, a better health equals more energy and a healthier and longer life. The company, on the other hand, saves money and could potentially increase earnings by having more efficient employees, Knut Løkke says when asked why a company should offer exercise to their employees.Powel has offices and employees in several countries and is therefore dependent on an international exercise platform. In addition, it varies how much workout equipment the employees have access to, therefore they should be offered exercise that don´t demand access to a fully equipped gym. An important factor for Powel is that they offer exercise based on knowledge and research, and that even the inactive employees is motivated to be more active.- We care about our employee’s health, which basically is every employee's own responsibility. However, we think we will get a positive response if we facilitate to motivate our employees to take care of their own health, the CEO of Powel, Bård Benum, says.- That´s why we invest through this project, because it is both knowledge and solutions we believe will motivate our employees to take care of their health, he continues.[caption id="attachment_5541" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]


CEO of Powel, Bård Benum, during the launch of Powel Active.[/caption]The result of the project is an international exercise platform and an app, which both aim to provide all employees of Powel more life: more life in terms of better health, increased energy and a longer life without disease and injuryInformation about our exercise program and expected results:Seven years reduced biological age corresponds statistically to:5% increased productivity at work3-4 days reduced sick leave per employee per year25-35% reduced risk of developing age and lifestyle related disease and premature death.