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Training competition with colleagues 🏆

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In the time we are in now, we see that physical activity is declining as a result of a new working situation and several closed gyms. At the same time, the cold winter does something with the desire to get out for training. Do you recognize the feeling? Training competition with colleagues can provide the right motivation to move more in your everyday life. Here we can help you 👊


Myworkout works to motivate employees in companies to an active lifestyle. With fun competitions and a health app developed in collaboration with scientists, we create a positive talking point among colleagues. At the same time, we manage to reduce the biological age of everyone who participates. When using Myworkout GO, your biological age typically reduces by seven years in 8-10 weeks. 

Why should you have a training competition? 

Research shows that physical activity has a positive effect on sick leave, productivity and how you feel at work. Our job is to motivate employees to move more in their everyday life. The advice we give is from award-winning research on exercise and physiology that has a positive effect on our health. Our health and fitness offer is suitable for everyone, and especially now that gyms close, and we wish to limit physical contact. Training towards a common goal can be unifying for colleagues. You can train with the app both outdoors and at home.

"I feel like I have a little more to go on - that I have more energy. There is a lot of motivation with the app itself." Annbjørn, 43 years

How the competition work

In the competition, all employees fight to collect training points in teams. The game is running through 4-10 weekly matches that your team can win. Every Sunday at midnight, we sum up the points and announce a weekly winner. On the following monday all points reset, and a new weekly match starts. The winner of the competition is the team with the best average ranking in all the weekly contests. We reward activity, not your performance.

Create a user in Myworkout GO and get automatically added to the team you belong. Your employer decides the teams in advance of the start of the competition. In the app, you see an overview of your team members and who has contributed points to the game. You can also write to each other in the same activity log. The scoreboard shows how many points each team has this week in the competition, and stars in "gold", "silver" and "bronze" show what place the team has had each week since the contest started. Only your teammates can see your activity, for the others in the competition you are anonymous.

Easy to start

To create significant commitment around an activity competition, all participants must receive adequate information from the start. The communication should motivate to increased physical activity. We want to convey the importance of making exercise a natural part of everyday life. The health advice we provide adapts to the individual's physical starting point and goals of the training. Personalization is also an essential part of the onboarding in the app. There is a low threshold to participate.

A professional contact person helps you to start the competition. Her name is Marit Sofie Emaus, and she sets up the competition and ensures a good onboarding of all employees. When you choose to work with us, we will start with a start-up meeting where we agree on a start-up date, focus area for the competition, possible awards and team division. We tailor the solution to what you want to achieve with the activity competition. Then we send you a market package, hold a kickoff and give employees access to the app. And so, you guys are up and running 🤩

Feel free to contact us for a chat about our health and fitness offer😊

👩🏼‍💻 Christine Hammeren (Head of Sales)
📱 +47 482 06 447

🧑🏼‍💻 Bjarne Kosberg (Senior Sales Manager)
📱 +47 922 60 650