Frequently Asked Questions

Why Myworkout

Myworkout is more than just a vision, it's a mission to combat the growing inactivity crisis and its detrimental effects on employee health and productivity. Myworkout has been working for 10 years to put public health in focus in companies. We all know that lifestyle diseases are a growing trend and come with a rising price tag for both society and business.

We’re in the business of transformation and offer companies and individuals a scientific success formula that rejuvenates biological age by 7 years, improves productivity by 5% on average and reduces sick leave by 3.5 days per year after just 10 weeks.

All you need is 16 minutes of high-intensity exercise. Our professors and private clinic have helped more than 1,100 patients with lifestyle diseases back to work. The expertise behind Myworkout comes from world-leading scientists and pioneers in exercise as medicine who have spent three decades researching the beneficial effects of exercise on health, ageing and disease prevention.

Myworkout has been 10 years on the market with our groundbreaking app that is the first and only app that can predict VO2max and biological age with scientifically high accuracy.

Due to this unique technology, we can measure the effect of a user's efforts resulting in personal reports, but report to businesses. These reports provide group-level insights on engagement, effects and goal achievement related to the UN and our recommendations for activity. The app enables us to quantify what your company has done to contribute to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.4 prevention of premature mortality caused by non-communicable diseases.

The app has been assessed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and received top marks for health data protection, security, robustness and usability.

Our app-based wellness solutions are the perfect catalyst for companies looking to kick-start a healthier and more active culture. Choosing Myworkout isn't just a choice, it's a statement that you value your employees' health and productivity. No matter the size of your business, Myworkout is a healthy choice that pays off in vitality, team spirit and bottom-line results.

Does Myworkout integrate with third parties?

Yes, Myworkout has a seamless integration with Polar, Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin heart rate monitors. You can also integrate Myworkout with various pulse belts. You can read more about the different integrations in our knowledge database.

However, it's optional, not essential for participation. You can join with the help of a smartphone.

Do we get reports?

From the third week and the remaining weeks we will send a weekly report to you. You can forward this internally if wanted. The report will show you average activity on group level, such as the activity level, percentage of participation, activity minutes per active participant as percentage achieved related to WHO guidelines, HIT minutes per active participant as % of Myworkout's recommendation and several useful reports that you can use to assess HR measures.

What happens from the point of purchase?

You will receive a welcome message instantly after making an order. Roughly 14 days before contest start, the onboarding process start and we will send you a set of emails containing the information you need to pass on in your internal channels in order to onboard your employees. The information contains help resources, messages and links to the onboarding. This process is pretty seamless and automated, most companies do the onboarding process in 2 weeks with little to no stress. However, we do recommend that you set one internal project manager to take ownership to the process of spreading the content.

Can I upgrade from Challenge to Subscription?

Yes, when the contest is over you can join us for a subscription and keep using all the benefints of the app.

Is there a way to add extra users after my order?

During the onboarding process you can spread the onboarding URL through your internal channels and let the word of mouth do the work for you. It's all automated. However, if you need more after contest start - contact your costumer success manger in Myworkout and we will help you out.

Will I get a refund for users who don't join?

Nope. Choose the number you're comfortable with, add more later. It's easier for all of us. As an option we can offer to set a maximum number of seats.

What if I need to figure out how many users will join?

We offer a flexible solution. Our solution allows you to buy a lower amount of seats upfront, then see how many participant will join. Once the registration is completed, we will bill you for the updated, final participant total.

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