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25 years of research in collaboration with:

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For businesses

Motivate and engage your employees with exercise

  • Measureable effect
  • What/where/when is up to the individual
  • Fair competition for every participant
  • Guaranteed to create a buzz in the office

more productivity

Get a healthier lifestyle

Set individual exercise targets - reach them together with your colleagues

  • Advice adjusted to your individual needs
  • Easy overview of your weekly achievements
  • Get motivated by others
  • Be active when and how it suits you
What others say about us

This is what others say about us...

The app has become a new exercise journal and it is motivating to look back at the workouts that have been completed. 84% are very happy or happy with Myworkout. 73% became more active and in better shape.


This has created a lot of energy and engagement! The app has given us a common love for exercise through digital channels - and it definately has become a talking point in Teams meetings across our organisation. It has motivated many of our employees.

Henriette Bore, HR Advisor i Azets

A bit of competitiveness between divisions and each other has increased the motivation to get out and do it! 93% of the employees in Frydenbø Bil were happy or very happy with Myworkout. 67% got in better shape and increased they level of activity. 20% work out like before, bt have gained valuable knowledge about effective exercise.

Frydenbø Bilsenter

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Others are wondering

How can I measure my maximum heart rate with the app?

By connecting a heart rate monitor when you complete an interval session with the app, you should be able to calculate your maximum heart rate. (All heart rate monitors that has Bluetooth connectivity kan be used in the app). As you complete. Read more here

How do you evaluate your physical shape on a treadmill?

On a treadmill, the app will use the level of incline and the speed you register for your high intensity intervalls to calculate the work carried out and based on this, your physical shape, measure in VO2max. (During the intervals you should sweat and feel your breath become heavy, but you should not stiffen up og experience any other discomfort). When you are done, you will be asked to manually enter the incline and speed you have held during your intervals.

I cannot connect my heart rate monitor, what do I do?

All heart rate monitors which are placed around your chest (a belt) or overarm, sending their data via Bluetooth work with the app. Some of them are only open for sending to one device at the time, so you might have to remove the connection from one of your other devices to connect to Myworkout Go.

Exercise watches with optical monitors on the wrist, rarely send send pulse data and will not work.

How does the app measure VO2max accurately, without me entering my weight?

As opposed to direct mesurement of VO2max with a mask on, where the measurement gives you the body's total maximum oxygen uptake that has to be divided by your body weight to be able to determine your VO2max i millilitres per kilo body weight, the app measures the work you are able to complete during a standardised test og measures directly to VO2max i millilitres per kilo body weight. Considering you when you walking or running carry your own body weight with you, it has already been considered in the equation.

When utilising watt-based equipment you have to supply your body weight to be able to calculate your VO2max. Through the use of our method, you will sacrifice some accuracy in the calculation, (93% against 97% by direct measurement), however it makes it possible to test yourself with an acceptable level of discrepancy, without the use of expensive medical equipment.

How does the app measure VO2max and my biological age?

The app calculates your VO2max og biological age by determining how much work you are able to carry out during a standardised 4x4-minute high-intensity interval session. It differs slightly, depending on wether you complete it outside, inside on a treadmill or on watt-based exercise equipement.

  • Outdoors the app will use GPS-data og barometric data, together with data from altimeter maps to be able to calculate the speed and incline you have during your intervals. On a treadmill the app uses the inclince and speed you enter in the app to calculate how much work you have completed.

On watt-based exercise equipment ike a rowing machine, exercise bike or elliptical trainer you have to enter the watt you kept during your intervals as well as you body weight.

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