Pioneering Corporate Wellness

For a decade, we have empowered company employees to achieve more health with less cost, time commitment, and complexity.

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Our solutions

Whether you’re looking for a short-term health campaign or a comprehensive wellness program, we've got you covered.

Wellness Program

Implement a scientifically-backed wellness program in your company, proven to prevent and reverse the progression of lifestyle-related diseases.

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Activity Contest

Host your contest. Challenge your colleagues to participate in an eight-week activity contest.

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From our blog

The effect of a 12-week health campaign

Reduction of sick leaves by 19% after a twelve-week health campaign.

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Enable wellness through empowerment

A promise of a better, healthier, more productive workforce by instilling lasting and efficient habits.

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We did the research

Guided by Professors of Medicine Dr. Jan Helgerud and Dr. Jan Hoff—renowned experts with three decades of experience and over 200 peer-reviewed publications—We're here to break the chains of inactivity that hold back individual health and societal well-being.

Our vision is to save the world from inactivity and significantly enhance global health, targeting an added 1 billion quality-adjusted life years.

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