Myworkout announces the QALY barometer

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Myworkout AS, a leading innovator in research-based health technology, launches its groundbreaking QALY barometer.

Published: 28.05.2024

This innovation is designed to encourage participation, increase activity levels and highlight the health benefits, with a real-time dashboard that counts Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) gained through participation in Myworkout's activity campaigns.

Myworkout technology can already measure participants' capacity with scientific precision without the need for heart rate monitors or heart rate belts. Now we're taking the technology a step further by calculating the QUALYs achieved at group level and thus the heart health benefits in the population.

Here for the first time used on in connection with the Optime Challenge campaign held in 2024

A vision for the future

Our vision is to save the world from inactivity; it's about empowering people to live healthier and more sustainable lives, or to have more life as our slogan says” says Knut Løkke, CEO of Myworkout. “By making these kinds of insights public to the general public, we hope to be able to educate people about the power behind research-based exercise and drive positive change on a societal scale that will reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life for everyone.”

"Our vision is to save the world from inactivity" - Knut Løkke

Technological innovation and expert collaboration

The QALY barometer is the result of a collaboration with top researchers such as Professors Jan Hoff and Jan Helgerud, known for their pioneering work in exercise as medicine. This innovation represents a new way to visualize the healthy life years gained from high-intensity exercise.

Applications and availability

The QALY Barometer can be easily integrated into online newspapers, mobile apps, and even displayed directly on public screens. This accessibility enables companies and municipalities around the world to launch customized health campaigns tailored to the needs of their communities and achieve measurable, positive changes in public health.

About Myworkout

Founded on the principles of leading scientific research, Myworkout is a trailblazer in the field of health-technology. With a mission to make evidence-based training available to everyone with our app Myworkout GO. The app empowers users of all backgrounds to achieve their wellness goals efficiently and sustainably.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Knut Løkke


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