Inactivity: The problem you can’t afford to ignore!

Wellness program

Physical inactivity is emerging as the leading cause of disease, disability, and premature mortality in the world. It can substantially impact your workforce, affecting productivity, absenteeism, morale, injury rates, costs, and talent retention.

Inactivity reduces cardio capacity and muscular strength, negatively impacting productivity.

Play the long game

A sustainable solution to this problem requires long-term thinking and focus on measures that have documented effects. Relying on irrelevant volume-based metrics, giving inefficient activity advice, and ignoring the employees’ need for education and a long-term program strategy are common mistakes that will not promote the needed attitudinal change regarding physical fitness.

Focusing on “vanity metrics”, such as steps, is a common mistake that does little to alleviate the underlying problem.

Myworkout as a service

Our wellness program is a long-term initiative designed to inspire and educate those needing a sustainable lifestyle change. Our innovative exercise software, built on decades of research, offers the most efficient methods to improve physical fitness and prevent non-communicable diseases.

The program focuses on key health metrics, is adaptable to any organization, and emphasizes efficient exercise – just 30 minutes twice a week will significantly reduce inactivity-related health risks. It supports your employees in learning, performing, and tracking their exercises, fostering measurable progress, and embracing a healthier future.

Helge made a complete lifestyle turn-around and lost 44 kg in the process.

Create your own success stories

Our approach

We understand that every company is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all wellness solution. We designed our program to be flexible to ensure it meets your distinct needs and integrates seamlessly into your organizational culture.

Phase 1

Talk to us

Book a no-obligation meeting to see how we can help.


We’ll adapt the program to your needs, culture, and goals.


Communicate the program’s vision to your employees.

Phase 2


Your employees get access to the app and program resources.


Learn using e-learning materials, seminars, and video content.


Get motivation through kick-offs and challenges.

Phase 3

Stay informed

Track performance with meaningful reports and metrics.


We’ll help analyze the data and advise on the next steps.


We’ll adapt the program to improve the results.


Myworkout GO

Training program

Meaningful reports

E-learning contest

Service advisory

Video library

Digital clinic



Your data is safe with us

We take privacy very seriously. To ensure your privacy is always protected, we strictly adhere to GDPR.
Our robust safety, security, and privacy measures have earned us recognition from the "Safer Health Apps" project of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

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What our customers are saying

App store review 4.6/5 stars
Play store review 4.4/5 stars

Stine Andersen

Senior HR Manager

“Over 60% of our employees entered the campaign. It was great, there was a lot of energy and it was something we talked about during lunchtime, all the time.”

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Henriette Bore

HR Advisor

“The app has given us a common love for exercise, and it has become a talking point in meetings across our organisation. It has motivated many of our employees.”

Kent Bruland

Recovered from type 2 diabetes

“With the app, I don't train alone. I can compete against others and at the same time with myself. The app gives me concrete feedback on my form and it works!”

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