Unity in Wellness: An 8-Week Inclusive Health Journey

Activity Contest

Order an activity contest and let your co-workers compete in an epic battle of activity

Anyone can do it!

Inclusion is essential for us. Our app is specifically designed for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Everyone can participate regardless of their abilities, and we reward effort over performance.


Contest variation

Choose between team-based or individual contests.

Challenge yourself

Reach the weekly goal of 16 HIT minutes.

Work out

You can register any type of workout.

Team chat

Chat with your team to motivate them and to share achievements.

Customer support

Excellent support through the app.


Evaluate your health and get personalized recommendations.

Exercise – the right way

High-intensity training (HIT) is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to improve your health and longevity. Therefore, our contest revolves around HIT activity and rewards it with extra points.

Learn about the science behind HIT

Getting started is super simple

Order a contest

Fill in the form and receive the sign-up link.

Share the link

All you need to do is to share the link with your co-workers. When they use the link, they will be guided into joining the contest.

Monitor progress and celebrate success

Join us today and start your journey!

Third party integrations

Allow your employees to use their preferred fitness tracker. No wearable device? Just use our app.

Weekly reports

Every week, we provide a comprehensive report that offers valuable insights into utilizing the contest and how it helps your organization reach its health goals.

Invest in health – reap the returns

Our contests boost participants' health and productivity and reduce sick leave risk.

Use our calculator to see potential savings from our product.

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Savings from reduced sick leave


Potential return on investment


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The calculation assumes a 7-year average biological age reduction over 8-week targeted training.

Leave your email, and get a report on how you can help reach UN sustainability goal number 3.

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What our customers are saying

App store review 4.6/5 stars
Play store review 4.4/5 stars

Stine Andersen

Senior HR Manager

“Over 60% of our employees entered the campaign. It was great, there was a lot of energy and it was something we talked about during lunchtime, all the time.”

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Henriette Bore

HR Advisor

“The app has given us a common love for exercise, and it has become a talking point in meetings across our organisation. It has motivated many of our employees.”

Kent Bruland

Recovered from type 2 diabetes

“With the app, I don't train alone. I can compete against others and at the same time with myself. The app gives me concrete feedback on my form and it works!”

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Your data is safe with us

We take privacy very seriously. To ensure your privacy is always protected, we strictly adhere to GDPR.
Our robust safety, security, and privacy measures have earned us recognition from the "Safer Health Apps" project of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

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