A Legacy of Scientific Excellence

At the heart of our groundbreaking technology is a foundation of rigorous scientific research spanning over three decades. With over 200 peer-reviewed publications on PubMed, you can rest assured that all the content and information you and your colleagues receive from us are firmly rooted in science.

Our Professors of Medicine, Jan Hoff, and Jan Helgerud have dedicated their careers to exploring what it takes to enhance physical capacity - leading to a healthier, more productive, and sustainable society.

Universally Applied Training principles

The professors have dedicated their careers to the betterment of human health. While they are renowned for their groundbreaking work with sports icons, it's essential to know that their journey began as full-time medical practitioners, relentlessly committed to the well-being of patients.

Their involvement with sports icons and clubs like Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid and Barcelona was initially considered a delightful side gig. Still, it quickly turned into a remarkable success story. Their expertise seamlessly translated from elite athletics to clinical practice, where they honed their training methodologies to perfection.

The fountain of youth is physical activity

Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) is one of the strongest predictors of cardiovascular health and mortality and is observed to decrease by ~1% per year until old age, when the decline may accelerate. As a consequence, individuals suffer an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death with increasing age.

The training methods, as we have implemented in our app, are an effective strategy to improve VO2max in the aging population, and given the close association between VO2max and physical health, this may be beneficial for the quality of life of the individual and serve as a cost-effective socioeconomic enterprise for public health.

Unlocking Health with Gamification

Intensity trumps quantity, and high-intensity training will make a difference for you. It is up to you how long you want to stay in the correct zone at a time, but the heart must get a complete filling of blood along the way; this takes 1-2 minutes to achieve. This means that if you're in the right intensity zone for 2 minutes or more, you will start getting HIT points from the app.

The app relies on understanding your capacity to calculate these points. Calibrate the app to make it personal and see how to collect points the next time you run after the bus.

Every week brings a fresh opportunity to collect HIT points, the currency of better health, improved physical shape, and enhanced performance. The best part? You only need 32 points to keep your streak. Achieving this is well within your reach.

If you do this, we assure you that you can achieve a biological age of 20 even as your physiological age approaches 70.

Revolutionizing Health Assessment
with Cutting-Edge Technology

Traditional methods often rely on calculating health metrics, but we’ve leaped forward. Instead of relying on unreliable data, such as HR, we’ve harnessed the power of in-app technology.

Our proprietary system measures your VO2max and biological age with an astonishing margin of error as low as 4,5%. Imagine running to exhaustion with a mask, but safer and more accessible, even for those with health concerns.

We personalise your experience by deep diving intoyourcapacity, which is achieved by closely examining your output and resistance during our standardized protocol.

These pivotal factors constitute the bedrock of our state-of-the-art algorithm, ensuring an extraordinarily accurate placement on the health spectrum. The result? A prediction so precise it's nothing short of remarkable.

When you venture outdoors, our technology takes advantage of advanced DEM technology. We’ve adapted it to map your real-time terrain, drawing inspiration from aviation. Combined with the sensors on your phone and precise altitude data, we calculate the exact resistance you encounter during your journey. The outcome? An unparalleled measurement of your actual capacity right at your fingertips.

This study using the Myworkout GO app for high-intensity interval training showed the app was as effective as professional supervision in improving cardiorespiratory fitness and quality of life for patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases, potentially offering a cost-saving treatment option. - With our technology, we’re not just measuring health; we’re shaping the future of well-being assessment, making it more accessible, accurate, and insightful than ever.

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Three decades of research in collaboration with

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