Optime Challenge - From sickbed to public health movement

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Optime Subsea is taking a decisive step towards better health and quality of life with the Optime Challenge - an internal initiative which has so far resulted in an impressive 230 years reduced biological age among the employees. This public health campaign has now spread to Notodden and Hjartdal municipalities, and may become a model practice for the rest of the country.

Optime Subsea manufactures and supplies innovative systems and solutions for the offshore industry. The company was founded in 2015 by four entrepreneurs with extensive experience from the oil and gas industry. The company has over 120 employees.

Jan Fredrik Carlsen, one of the company's founders, found that the success they experienced cost him his health when things started to move fast. Burgers and hot dogs became emergency provisions on the crash, the number of travel days kept increasing, and the company's cost-effective deepwater technology was embraced by oil and gas operators around the world. This came at a price. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle made his body ache, his fitness disappeared and the stairs up to the second floor of Telemark Technology Park became a challenge that left him breathless.

He ended up spending eight weeks in hospital. The doctors told him that he had to change his lifestyle.

The dialog from here led to the launch of the Optime Challenge, which was primarily intended to be tested internally before the transition to 2024. All employees in Optime Subsea and Telen participated, resulting in 230 years of reduced biological age - or 230 years of increased quality of life.

A direct consequence of the Optime Challenge is that Notodden municipality and Hjartdal municipality will be the first municipalities in Norway to carry out a public health project of such a dimension as Optime Subsea has invited. The public health coordinator, sports consultant, chief medical officer and mayor form the vanguard of Notodden municipality's participation in what is developing into a public health project. Mayor Gry is the captain of the teams from the municipality's largest employer, with 1,100 people on the payroll. All 1,100 will have the opportunity to take part in the training program that starts as early as 1 February.

- "We're really excited about this," says sports consultant Hans-Olav Johannessen, who is not looking to "transform" the entire municipality into marathon runners, but where the benefits are closely linked to each individual's efforts. This summer, all the builders in Notodden and Hjartdal will be invited. The Optime Challenge could then become a popular movement and a model for the rest of the country.

As a partner, we get to use

  • Myworkout GO - a research-based tool for individual employees to get in better shape
  • The competition format to create engagement, recruit participants and put health in focus.
  • Campaign reporting to demonstrate the impact this public health campaign will have on society as a whole.
  • Consulting and advising on the right moves

As a partner, we are first and foremost a proud cheering squad, but also very grateful to be part of this exciting journey

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