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Kjekt å vite

Oracle employees receive a reduced insurance price from their insurance provider if they exercise to reduce their biological age. Here is the experience employees are left with after completing a training competition with Myworkout👇

Training competition between departments

"Over 60% of our employees signed up for the competition from all three offices. It was great, there was a lot of energy and it became a lunchtime chat. And a lot of talk about VO2max, biological age and how much each person has trained? So it was very positive. And a lot of fun". Stine Andersen is Senior HR Manager at Oracle Norway and has been responsible for the inter-office training competition.

What was your first impression of Myworkout?

"Initially, I was very averse to running 4x4, because I thought it was way too long. I was very skeptical, I have to say, because I don't really like running" - Stine.

What do you think now that the competition is over?

Anders Løvøy, Nordic Communications Manager says: "I thought I was in a relatively good position compared to the average for my age, at least. This 4x4 program has been very good for me. I was a bit down on training, so I was a bit out of shape. It was a fantastic way to get started, and something that has given tangible and noticeable results. It was easier than I thought, and it was motivating with this app. Being able to measure against myself and see that I was making gradual progress was a motivating factor," says Anders.

"It was really exciting to see how much I could actually improve. From indoors, I've had an improvement in oxygen uptake from 54 to 62. And I notice that outside, especially when I go skiing and stuff like that, that I have more power on the uphill slopes. I'm pleasantly surprised at how positively it affected me". Says Ketil Grøttum who works as Marketing Manager at Oracle Norway.

"For me, this 4x4 training was a great opportunity to get started with my training," Stine.

What does it mean for Oracle as an employer?  

"The positive thing is that people get fitter, healthier and feel more energized. And that will have a very good consequence for us as employers too, in that you have more energy and can perform better at work because we work in a tough working environment in terms of performance" Stine conclude.

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