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Imagine a future where your employees embody vitality, your workplace culture thrives, and a unified commitment to wellness sets you apart. It’s not necessarily unrealistic to be optimistic - working strategically with your company culture can be an actual outcome.

Unplanned changes

Peter Drucker’s statement that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is often used when change management is on the agenda. We usually associate change management with implementing new technology or changes in corporate culture. When it comes to initiatives that will affect corporate wellness, most of us choose to think less about the process and more about the sexiest technology that we find and believe will create the most engagement.

This is a mistake

Research and experience show that it takes work to succeed with change. This also applies to implementing simple wellness initiatives. The vast majority of implementation attempts fail. People want to carry on as before. Change is pain, and so the business continues as before against what is desirable. To succeed with the broad embrace and, not least, acceptance of change, you need to work strategically with the corporate culture. It must also pay off in business terms. Among the many digital wellness providers, none (that we have found) are willing to document Return on Investment for the company other than useless engagement statistics.

The need is the baseline

Companies have different reasons for why they choose to include wellness as an employee benefit. Some companies have high levels of sick leave or sick people, which has a negative financial impact. Other companies have low absence rates but want to be competitive to attract new talent. The list is long. But the need is the starting point and must be the guiding guideline for the procurement.

Framework from Myworkout

Myworkout has developed a method for implementing health as part of the work culture that helps employees adopt habits that make them healthier than they would be without. It’s about taking care of your most essential resources and empowering them to reach their goals, no matter how far along their health journey.
Your employees are your most important resource. If they perform, the company performs!
The MWO method is a transformation of company culture. Educating, engaging, and empowering everyone in your company to make wise (and practical) choices creates a culture where vitality and engagement flourish. The method focuses on educating, engaging, and empowering employees to make good choices without the help of management.

Educate to Empower

Change is first and foremost about raising awareness of why we do what we do - and then showing them how to get to the desired destination. Education and developing new knowledge are two cornerstones that must be in place before a company can take the necessary steps. Attract the right people internally with valuable content and hold enlightening conversations. Empowerment begins with education. Make your employees champions of good health and users of the technology. This proactive learning has various benefits, from personal health to better business performance. Educating your employees creates sustainable knowledge and habits that build engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Engagement for Commitment

By presenting insights and actionable strategies, you can galvanize your troops into authentic engagement, but you need to know where the shoe pinches to get that engagement. Engagement requires understanding your team or department’s unique needs and aspirations. It’s not just about launching a program - it’s about committing to a structured, measurable journey toward better health and vitality. Create a roadmap for integrating wellness into your company culture so that every step is strategic and every milestone is celebrated, no matter how small.

Our implementation guide is the compass to help you get started and steer the ship in line with your company’s goals. When we’re in initial conversations, we often use this as a starting point to tailor the implementation to your business.

Download our step-by-step implementation guide

Empowerment Through Action

The company can’t hold employees’ hands through the entire process. For the change to stand independently, management must take the necessary steps to support employees and remove obstacles. This is to help them feel empowered and build the essential supportive features that support the new cultural changes. It’s easier to create momentum by identifying barriers, empowering employees to take the initiative, finding solutions, and promoting physical activity where possible (and desired). That way, your company reduces potential friction that can derail even the most comprehensive plans.

Download our best practices for empowering employees

Building Momentum

The secret to making health a cornerstone of your company culture is to create momentum early on and ensure it doesn’t suddenly disappear. Elements of friction, lack of communication, or celebration of milestones are among the things that can affect momentum. We increase the likelihood of keeping the momentum going by facilitating activities and interaction.

The methodology helps remind management and the core group to address this.


Implementing health is more than just technology. It would be best if you had a methodology to ensure that it gets the embrace it needs, and clear objectives need to be defined to ensure that the company succeeds in its business goals. Even if the company has put together a project team, having a sparring partner who can uncover pitfalls and potentially help the company avoid another failed implementation will often be beneficial.

The MWO methodology is more than just a methodology for implementation - it promises a healthier and more productive business by implementing lasting and straightforward but effective habits into the company culture. If you’d like to learn more about our products and how we work to get them implemented as part of your company culture, you can easily book a meeting with us here.

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