Tine - From BliFrisk to a comprehensive Health Project

Kjekt å vite

With access to the Myworkout GO app and other useful health services through Storebrand Health Insurance, TINE is now focusing on strengthening and supporting their employees' health and well-being.

TINE is a Norwegian cooperative owned by dairy farmers who supply milk to the company. Its core business is the production and sale of milk, cheese and other dairy products in Norway and abroad. The Group has over 3,000 employees and is owned by well over 8,000 milk producers. The Group comprises the parent company TINE SA and several wholly and partly owned subsidiaries in other food businesses.

As a customer of Storebrand Helseforsikring, all Tine employees have access to many useful health services, including Myworkout GO via the app BliFrisk. The dialog between Tine SA and Myworkout started with a meeting call from HR leader, Terje Drøyvold in Tine SA. He wanted to learn more about the app and how Tine SA could get employees to take advantage of the offer. This was the start of a process where we gradually became better and better acquainted with each other's strengths and challenges.

Many other companies have needs related to employee health challenges. This need for prevention and reversal of the situation arises particularly for companies like Tine, which rely on having functional employees who can withstand physical work. Together, we could see that there were several synergies in a collaboration that were attractive to both of us.

As a partner, we get to use

Myworkout GO - a research-based tool for individual employees to get in better shape

Competition and challenge formats to create engagement and put health in focus.

Digital Clinic for those who need a little extra help getting started

Campaign and organizational reporting to demonstrate the impact of the work being done.

As a partner, we are very grateful to be part of this exciting project to make employees more robust and resilient.

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