What to Consider When Looking for a Wellness Provider for Your Employee Benefit Program

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In today's competitive job market, a robust employee benefit program that includes comprehensive wellness services is essential. These wellness programs not only enhance the health and well-being of employees but also significantly boost employer branding and company performance. Partnering with the right wellness provider is crucial in achieving these objectives, ensuring that your organization stands out as an employer of choice.

The Need for a Research-Based Wellness Provider

A research-based wellness provider ensures that the programs implemented are backed by scientific evidence and have a proven track record of delivering real results. Unlike many wellness providers that rely on superficial metrics, a research-based approach focuses on actual health data to demonstrate progress. Myworkout is an example of such a provider, dedicated to cause-effect research to uncover the true reasons behind health improvements.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Wellness Provider

Research and Evidence-Based Approach

Selecting a wellness provider with a strong foundation in scientific research is essential. Evidence-based programs are designed to achieve measurable health outcomes, rather than just improving vanity metrics. Myworkout employs cause-effect research to ensure that the wellness interventions lead to genuine health benefits.

Steps vs. High-Intensity Training (HIT)

While many wellness programs rely on step counting as a metric, this approach is correlation-based and does not provide a direct cause of health improvement. High-Intensity Training (HIT), on the other hand, has been documented to maintain and increase cardiovascular fitness levels when certain thresholds are met. Myworkout emphasizes HIT to achieve significant and measurable health improvements.

The Myworkout GO app incorporates these thresholds: 16 HIT minutes a week are documented to maintain current fitness levels, while 32 HIT minutes a week are shown to improve cardiovascular fitness. Supported with gamification elements, our app ensures that employees are motivated and can easily get on a streak to achieve their fitness goals. This approach not only drives engagement but also guarantees measurable health benefits.

Showcase ROI and Guaranteed Results

Many wellness projects fail to report on ROI because they lack accurate data collection and analysis. A reputable wellness provider should be able to demonstrate the return on investment and guarantee results. Myworkout stands out by utilizing scientifically accurate data to measure outcomes and ensure that the promised health benefits are delivered.

For example, Myworkout uses High-Intensity Training (HIT) to estimate positive changes in VO2max and reductions in biological age, which directly correlate with the user's risk of developing or reversing lifestyle diseases. This data allows us to predict added quality-adjusted life years, reductions in sick leave days, decreased employee health costs, and overall societal benefits over the next four decades.

By presenting these figures, we can compare the investment with the tangible benefits. Additionally, we are bold enough to guarantee a reduction in biological age at the group level within the first three months, showcasing our commitment to delivering measurable results.

Program Customization and Personalization

Wellness programs should be tailored to meet the unique needs of both the organization and its employees. Myworkout's methodology is rooted in science and specific exercises where the experienced intensity is key. The results are universal as long as each individual finds the correct intensity level.

We customize our approach based on organizational culture. This includes adjusting campaigns, messages, landing pages, in-app notifications, seminars, and strategies to align with the unique needs and values of the organization.

Advanced Methods and Technology for Health Measurement

The effectiveness of a wellness program heavily depends on the methods and technology used to measure health outcomes. Myworkout employs science-based techniques to gather accurate health data. This ensures that the program's impact is correctly measured and analyzed. Health data is preserved for the user only and is used for reporting purposes strictly at the group level.

Employee Engagement and Participation

Employee engagement is crucial for the success of any wellness program. It's important to understand that employees are motivated and unmotivated by different factors. Myworkout, with its extensive experience in research and patient treatment, has developed an exceptional understanding of these triggers. The app provided by Myworkout is proven to motivate users similarly to sessions with an exercise therapist, making them feel less exposed and more likely to engage with the service. Additionally, Myworkout offers engaging activity challenges and contests to foster social interaction and enhance participation.

Data Privacy and Security

Protecting employee privacy is a top priority. Wellness providers should ensure that no individual health data is exposed to the company. Myworkout is the processor of the data and guarantees that data is only available at the group level, safeguarding individual privacy and security.

Enhancing Employee Branding through Wellness Programs

A successful wellness program can significantly boost employee branding by demonstrating the company's commitment to employee well-being. Companies with effective wellness programs often see improved employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and enhanced recruitment efforts. Myworkout has helped numerous organizations enhance their employee branding through well-researched and results-driven wellness initiatives.


Choosing the right wellness provider for your employee benefit program is a critical decision that can impact the health and satisfaction of your workforce. By focusing on research-based, results-driven programs, companies can ensure they achieve real health improvements and a positive return on investment. Myworkout stands out as a provider that guarantees measurable results, advanced health measurement techniques, and exceptional employee engagement. Make the smart choice for your employee benefit program by partnering with Myworkout.

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