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Frequently Asked Questions

Why contest?

We have tried both subscription and contest. And contest is by far the best approach to get people moving. Our experience is that people take ownership to the implementation process and goes along with the concept easier when it's done in groups. There's a positive group pressure associated with this which also activate the snowball effect. Also, making the effort in time-limited periods has a huge effect on motivation and overall cost.

Is it really that easy?

Yes. Let us explain. One, this is low threshold. Not everyone will be interested in following a program to the letter, but they can still get points for activities where training clothes are worn. They probably won't have as great an effect on their health, but it will have a very good effect if they participate with others - after all, we have a talk-guarantee! Two, it's hard not to brag, but we one of the easiest onboarding procedures. No excel sheets or manual adding is needed - here you get a onboarding URL that does the magic for you. All communication related to the contest will be sent to you which you easily forward in your internal channels. It's easy.


Digital Kick-off

Gather your employees for an informative half-hour to kick-start use of the app and the competition. Halfway through the competition we meet again for a digital lunch where all questions are answered orally and we review the status of the competition. Our app is intuitive and simple, but we know that human contact is more important for some to achieve change. We help you to understand the terms HIT and intensity, so that everyone has the best possible starting point for the start of the competition. For those who gain some experience along the way, questions are answered continuously in the app or they can be taken with us when we meet for a digital lunch. We have good experience in conducting these meetings both digitally and physically. We are happy to facilitate a meeting room for you in zoom. Price:  $1,000 USD. Duration 45 hours.

Presentation about efficient strength training

Effective strength training is the key to a healthy and strong body, but with so much advice and "truths" abounding in the media and social media, it can be difficult to know what actually works. Stop looking for good advice and tricks - get really wise about strength training with an expert in the field. Let us help you understand the principles behind effective strength training, so you can achieve the results you want in a safe and secure way. Join us on the journey towards a healthy and strong body! Håvard Haglo delivered his doctorate in physiology in 2022 and is thus a trusted advisor in Myworkout. He is also clinic manager of the Training Clinic in Trondheim and, together with Professor Jan Hoff, is responsible for patients referred here by Helsemidt. Price: $2,000 USD. Duration: 1 hour.

Yearly program

Join us in planning the year for your company! Our job is to ensure that you continuously have good reasons for physical activity. Already use internal kick-offs and social occasions to put physical activity on the agenda. Building culture is time-consuming work. If your company is to have a culture of physical activity, it must be part of the annual cycle, just like Christmas parties and budget management. Join us on the team when planning the annual cycle for your company. Together we can find the best times for activity competitions, lectures and biological age measurement. Included in the company package are 4x digital kick offs, 4x lectures and 2x biological age tests. 4x4 is easy to do, but finding the right intensity for you can be a bit tricky. We know that the vast majority of people carry out the training too hard and therefore have a strained relationship with repeating the form of training. Here we have to be "hands on". Therefore, a visit is necessary. We need one instructor per 6 participants. The training can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. Price: $10,000 USD.

Does Myworkout integrate with thirdparties?

Yes, Myworkout has a seamless integration with Polar, Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin heart rate monitors. You can also integrate Myworkout with various pulse belts. You can read more about the different integrations in our knowledge database. The most important thing you need to know is that you can complete this contest only with the help of a smartphone. The precision is so accurate that Myworkout GO is the only health/training app in Norway that has been approved by the Directorate of Health to be used for medical purposes. Therefore, Myworkout Go has more use cases than just entertainment and logging workouts. It can be used to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Do we get reports?

From the third week and the remaining weeks we will send a weekly report to you. You can forward this internally if wanted. The report will show you average activity on group level, such as the activity level, percentage of participation, activity minutes per active participant as percentage achieved related to WHO guidelines, HIT minutes per active participant as % of Myworkout's recommendation and several useful reports that you can use to assess HR measures.

What happens from the point of purchase?

You will receive a welcome message instantly after making an order. Roughly 14 days before contest start, the onboarding process start and we will send you a set of emails containing the information you need to pass on in your internal channels in order to onboard your employees. The information contains help resources, messages and links to the onboarding. This process is pretty seamless and automated, most companies do the onboarding process in 2 weeks with little to no stress. However, we do recommend that you set one internal project manager to take ownership to the process of spreading the content.

Can I upgrade from Challenge to Subscription?

Yes, when the contest is over you can join us for a subscription and keep using all the benefints of the app.

Is there a way to add extra users after my order?

During the onboarding process you can spread the onboarding URL through your internal channels and let the word of mouth do the work for you. It's all automated. However, if you need more after contest start - contact your costumer success manger in Myworkout and we will help you out.

Will I get refunded for users that don't join?

Nope. Choose the number you're comfortable with, add more later. It's easier for all of us. As an option we can offer to set a maximum number of seats.

What if I'm not sure how many users will join?

We offer a flexible solution. Our solution allows you to buy a lower amount of seats upfront, then see how many participant will join. Once the registration is completed, we will bill you for the updated, final participant total.