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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens from the point of purchase?

You will receive a set of emails containing the information you need to inform your emplyees on whats to come. Also you will be able to contact one of our costumer success managers if you need any help with the app or the onboarding.

Can I upgrade from Challenge to Subscription?

Yes, when the contest is over you can join us for a subscription and keep using all the benefints of the app.

Is there a way to add extra users after my order?

Sure, just contact your costumer success manger in Myworkout and we will help you out.

Will I get refunded for users that don't join?

Nope. Choose the number you're comfortable with, add more later. It's easier for all of us.

What if I'm not sure how many users will join?

We offer a flexible solution. Our solution allows you to buy a lower amount of seats upfront, then see how many participant will join. Once the registration is completed, we will bill you for the updated, final participant total.

I cannot connect my heart rate monitor, what do I do?

All heart rate monitors which are placed around your chest (a belt) or overarm, sending their data via Bluetooth work with the app. Some of them are only open for sending to one device at the time, so you might have to remove the connection from one of your other devices to connect to Myworkout Go.

Exercise watches with optical monitors on the wrist, rarely send send pulse data and will not work.